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Featuring Animals knows that each client is unique - services are tailored to meet your specific needs.  We will locate and deliver your desired talent - Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Birds, etc.  Our facility is also available for lease should you desire a quiet, closed set.


  • Obtaining Off Site Locations for Your Productions 
  • On Site Location Production at Our 200 acre Facility


Power Pole - Silent Test

Power Pole - Silent Test



Past Projects


Fall 2014
Constantine - NBC
August 2012
Glades - A&E
March 2013
Trial Pros - Strength
Trials Pros - We Love Pets
November 2012
Power Pole Commcercial - Silent Test
ABC Nightline - Russian Domestic Foxes as pets
January 2012
ABC Nightline - Exotic Animals
February 2010
Located and Scheduled Several Exotic Animal Talent Acts for Private, Closed Audition
February 1998
Black Leopard for ING Direct used in commercial filming project
February 1997
Tigers (Bengal & Siberian), Lynx, Cougar, Black Bear, Red Racoon, Hedgehog, Sugar Gliders, Python, Lion Cub, Sloth, & Skunk for Education at the "Cookin for Kids" event at Augusta Georgia Advocacy Center (aired on NBC)
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